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Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I book custom orders?

Short answer: as soon as you know the date!

Long answer: We highly recommend a minimum of two to three weeks before your order is due for orders under 5 dozen. Anything above that, there is a minimum of three weeks, to a month. This will give you ample time to ensure you have your desired date and ensure all the details required are in place. Poppy and Lemon uses an inspected and insured business incubator kitchen, and scheduled use must be booked in advance. Therefore, orders placed without enough time risk the potential of compromising design details, or not being able to book at all! If there is an ability to accommodate a last minute booking, there may be an additional "rush fee". 

Updates on availability will be placed on the Order Inquiry Form Page

Can we come visit your location? Does it have a retail space?

Our location is not open to, and does not service, walk-in customers. The location is a commercial kitchen with an attached private event space. All items must be pre-ordered and paid in full prior to a scheduled pick-up or delivery time. 

Keep an eye out for any pop-up events where you can check out our cookies!

Do you deliver custom orders?

Yes - check out our delivery information on our Pricing & Information page!

What are your cancellation/refund policies?

Please see our Pricing & Information Page for more info!

Do you do custom cookie orders for holidays?

At this time, we are not offering custom cookie orders for major holidays due to the high volume of requests. We will however, be offering a limited menu of pre-selected options that can be ordered in advance during a provided time window. Updates on all holiday sales will be available on our social media and our website!

Can you do characters?

Depends! Certain images and characters from major movies and shows are trademarked and copyrighted, therefore we are unable to create any replicas that fall within this category. You will be notified of this upon request. However, there are ways to get character cookies without the risk of infringement. For example: The party is Disney’s The Little Mermaid themed

We could do: Mermaids tails, shells, crowns, silhouettes or outlines of characters, “Under the Sea”, etc.


We will do our best to fit within your requested theme as much as possible, so please reach out to us and we can work together to come up with something fun and unique! 

Can you accommodate food allergies?

We cannot guarantee that any of our products are allergen free, so therefore we cannot accommodate any requests for allergen free orders. Please understand this is for your safety! This is due to the high likelihood of a severe reaction. Intolerances such as lactose and gluten/celiac fall within this category as well.


The facility we operate out of is a business incubator kitchen that is additionally used by other local food business owners, and therefore, processes all common allergens. All of our products contain Milk, Wheat, and Eggs, and some may contain Peanuts, Tree Nuts, and Soy (depending on the flavor). Please understand that most ingredients used are also made in facilities that process all common allergens. All known food allergies must be disclosed at the time of booking. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any further questions. 

Can you mail cookie orders?

Due to specific licensing requirements in Rhode Island, we cannot currently ship cookies on your behalf. If you are purchasing our cookies with the intention to ship them on your own, please be mindful that our cookies are perishable and do not contain preservatives. They are made to be consumed immediately (within 1-3 days).

If you do ship our cookies, you as the purchaser are solely responsible and liable for anything that happens concerning your order after purchasing, and during the shipping process. This can include, but is not limited to, loss of items, spoilage, breakage, damage to the cookies, damage to the packaging, and/or illness or injury caused by any of the previous examples.

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